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Monitise your large photography network
Monitise your large photography network
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Written by Sarah Stambolieff - Head of Product Design
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Do you have a large photography network?

Whether it's a blog, training forum or you just know a lot of photographers. This could be the easiest way for you to start making money from the photographers you know.

You might be thinking "this sounds awesome Sarah I'd love to find out more". (Not your exact thoughts maybe but you get my drift.)

Well, GeoSnapShot is the coolest new photography start-up online. A simple platform for photographers to start monetising their hobby and sell photos.

Photographers don't have to muck around creating a website, building a brand or even paying a monthly fee. This gives them more time to actually do what they love.

Like "take photos".

So what has this got to do with monetising your network....?

We believe that more photographers would like to start selling their photos. But there are things that stop them making that next step. Like are there photos good enough, who will buy their photos, how do they market themselves (and the list goes on).

You know, thoughts that hold them back from taking that next step.

So what we want to do is help photographers to begin to make money from their passion. We give them a proven strategy on how to start selling their photos online.

See we only make money if they make money, which we think is fair. 

Not easy for us but fair.

This also helps motivate us to help them. To continue to provide a platform that photographers want to use and love.

So this is where you come in. I'm guessing that to build your network you are also passionate about seeing photographers do more with their work. To build a community of people excited about photography.

We are looking to partner with people like you. To share our vision and dream of changing the photography marketplace online.

If this is something that interests you and you would like to know more it would be best to connect through a call. This will help me better understand your network and explain the ins and outs of profiting from them.

PS: Clicking the button also shows you how you monetise your network. I didn't really want to show this without first creating some context. Also, it helps me know who is actually interested and took the time to read my unusually long email :)

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