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How to send through an Event Lead
How to send through an Event Lead

Do you have an event in mind that you would love to shoot at? Did you know that we will make the initial approach to them for you?

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So you have found an event that you would love to attend, you've done your research and have looked over their website and/or Facebook page and are available for the date/s it occurs.

So where do you go from here......

It's completely normal to be unsure of your next step, it can be very daunting contacting an event organiser and very common to have no idea as to what you should you say..... that's where we come in!!

I liaise with Event Organisers on a daily basis and I am here to make this very crucial first point of contact for you. All you need to do is follow these very simple steps below to ensure I receive all the information I need from you. This enables me to then send off the request for you to attend the event.

First, either create a new account or login to Geosnapshot

Click on "Send an event lead"

Fill out the event lead form and watch "how event leads work".

The event organiser will then be contacted and an email will be sent you once approval has been confirmed.

There is no maximum number of leads you can send through for different events, I will happily approach each and every one you send through.

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