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Promote your photos before, during and after an event
Promote your photos before, during and after an event

How to maximise your photo selling potential

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You may be a talented photographer, but if you haven't learnt how to promote your photos then you're missing out on an opportunity to maximise the exposure of your work and in effect sell more photos.


This is arguably the most important part of the promotional process. Building a relationship with the event organiser is your number one key to accessing all the participants from the event. After you've received permission to attend an event, this is the ideal time to explore and discuss promotion possibilities for before, during and after the event. 

Ask them to make a FB post on the event page letting all the participants know you'll be there. It's important that this post includes the quicklink to your event page so people can easily access and buy your photos. Click on the following link for instructions in locating your personal quicklink and an example FB post.

Event organisers can send out an email, distribute the information by word of mouth and/or make a PA announcement on the day - it's all about spreading awareness! It's best to discuss your promotional options before the event so that the event organiser knows what to expect and that you've had time to explore the most effective options. Email is normally the most effective way to promote and event organisers will have access to the email addresses of the participants.


Stand out and make sure participants know where to find their photos. If you would our logo to use contact

  • PA announcements - a great way to access the entire crowd at an event and draw awareness to you.

You can check out to create easy designs for business cards to hand out at the event and to order promotional material


  • Ask the event organiser to make a facebook post with some of your promo photos and the quicklink for your event so people can easily find your photos. Click the link below for instructions for accessing your promo code.

  • If the event organiser has access to the participants email addresses, this is a great way to spread your quicklink to all the individuals from the event. 

  • Make sure you touch base with the event organiser and thank them for allowing you to attend their event. This is a great time to discuss further opportunities to attend future events and build relationship. 

  • For help in best communicating with the event organiser regarding after event promotion click on the button below

Happy snapping! 

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