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Fundraising through photography

Why not use photography as a vehicle to fundraise for your next event

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Written by Sarah Stambolieff - Head of Photographer Growth
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Every year tens of thousands of people participate in charity events.

And every every Tom, Dick and Harry wants a photo as a memory to share on social media. 

Unfortunately, in many cases participants aren’t able to easily get a photo
(even when a photographer is there). 

"Who was that guy (or gal) taking photos again....?"

In turn an event organiser, you're missing a marketing and fundraising opportunity.

You've put all this time, energy and effort into creating an awesome event but without photos it quickly becomes a distant memory.

Poof, like it never happened.

We understand this issue.

So have developed a unique photography platform to solve this problem.

You might be thinking get to the point Sarah how does GeoSnapShot actually work?

  1. Your designated photographers (people from your community) take photos at the event and upload them to GeoSnapShot. Photographers can be volunteers, members of the organising committee or simply make a callout on social media. (We found many people are talented photographers without necessarily labelling themselves as professionals)

  2. Participants then easily and safely view and purchase photos. Photos can be downloaded instantly. (For more info on our insanely cool search features click here)

  3. Any revenue generated from photo sales is split 70% to the photographer who then donates back to the charity (They like what you stand for! And this is their opportunity to give back in a really special way) And 30% to GeoSnapShot. 

There are no upfront costs for signing up or loading photos onto the platform.

How much are the photos?

The price is fully flexible and determined by you. You can choose to share the photos completely free or set any price you wish.

We recommend an initial default price of $10.95 per photo, but leave the decision to you. People like the fact that 70% is going back to the charity. Make sure you inform them that this is the case!

Large National Events

Because GeoSnapShot is an online platform we can support any number of simultaneous events running nationally. Eg. Australian Masters Games (8,000 participants a day for 8 days covering 54 different sports not to blow our own horn or anything).

Don’t have your own photographers?

No problem!

You can request some of the 5,000 registered photographers on GeoSnapShot.

These photographers are usually keen to make money from their hobby so may wish to keep their 70% payment for photos sold from the event. 

To request photographers to cover your next event. Click on the link below.

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