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FAQs for photographers
FAQs for photographers

All the thoughts and questions you might have simply answered.

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Is there a monthly fee?

No, GeoSnapShot is free to join. We only make money when you do!

How much do I get paid per photo sold?

You will receive 70% for each photo sold and GeoSnapShot will receive the remaining 30%. (70% not enough you say? Interested in earning more...? Follow the green brick road.)

How much does each photo sell for?

We have a standard price for GeoSnapShot events ($10.95/ £4.95). However, you can set your own price for your own events.

Do I have to pay GST? (Goods & services tax)

No, GST and any other fees are deducted before you get paid.

How do I receive payment?

You can request payment anytime you like. All payments will be made to your preferred bank account or through PayPal. 

Requested payments are processed for photographers every Tuesday and Friday morning AEST.

Are there any other Fee's?

The payment processing fees by PayPal are 5.7% of the photo sale price.

Do I have to organise insurance?

No. GeoSnapShot provides public liability insurance for photographers shooting GeoSnapShot events (excluding North America). Email to ask for more information on insurance.


Will I require a working with children check (WWCC)?

If you choose to shoot events with children, some event organisers will require a WWCC. It’s a different process in each country so please check the rules where you live. It’s a good idea to get a working with children check to cover yourself.

I’ve found an event I’d like to attend and shoot. Do I need to contact the event organiser to request permission?

Yes, please feel free to reach out and contact an event organiser to request permission to attend an event. GeoSnapShot is also happy to help you with this process. Click on the following link to send us an event lead and we’ll get the ball rolling.

I’d like to request additional photographers to help me cover an event. How do I do this?

There are multiple ways you can request others to help you shoot an event. One it through requesting photographers on our online booking form. The other way is to invite photographers once the event has been created.

After I’ve booked onto an event, do I need to contact the event organiser before attending?

Building relationship with event organisers is the best way to increase exposure (and therefore sales!) to your photos. Taking the time to reach out and introduce yourself also gives you the opportunity to remind the event organiser to notify the participants of where to find and buy your photos. Click on the following link to learn more about the benefits of getting chummy with event organisers.

What size and type of files should be uploaded?

Please upload jpeg files. The file that you upload will be the same file that the customer downloads after purchase. To help reduce upload times, we recommend 2 to 4mb sized files. This provides the customer with a high resolution digital download. Most people share images on social media, but if they wish to print, 2-4mb is a good sized file to do so.


What do I do if I'm having trouble uploading photos?

There are a few potential causes for this. Click on the following article for a quick guide on solving any uploading issues. 

Do I need to sort my photos into albums?

We’ve found separating photos into albums, simplifies the search, find and buy process for participants. For example: Album 1 “start line”, album 2 “on the bridge”, album 3 “10km mark”, album 4 “finish line”. This saves participants from trawling through hundreds of photos that aren’t relevant to them. In addition to bib recognition, face recognition, and time search – we’ve got all the technology covered to make search, find and buy quick and easy. View video for more information on how to best cull your photos after an event.

Why is it important to set the correct time and date on my camera?

When photos are uploaded to the platform they will automatically display the time and date that was set on your camera. Participants are able to narrow down their search by entering the specific time they were competing. This saves them a lot of time trawling through hundreds of photos unnecessarily and increases your chance of sales. To make the most of this function, make sure you double check your camera before each event!

Will my photos be protected by a GeoSnapShot watermark?

Yes. There’s no need to add a watermark as GeoSnapShot will add one automatically. The photo you upload will be the same photo the customer will receive after purchase.

Do I have copyright of my photos?

Yes. Photographers keep copyright and give access for a personal use licence. If people want to purchase photos for other uses any enquiries will be directed toward you.

How long will my photos be on the platform for?

Currently indefinitely but you can choose to delete them at any time if you wish. If this changes, we will be sure to notify all photographers. It is best to keep photos for your own reference as copyright ultimately belongs to you.

Will GeoSnapShot provide customer service to people who are potential buyers of my photos?

Yes. GeoSnapShot has a customer service team that provide support for inquiries and trouble shooting.

Is GeoSnapShot only for sports photography?

No, you can upload any photos you like to the platform. Sport events are currently our best selling photos. We’ve found that people want memories of their achievements, especially when they’ve trained hard and invested a lot of time. Click here to learn more about choosing an event to shoot.

GeoSnapShot promotional material?

Stand out and make sure participants know where to find their photos. If you would our logo to use contact

There are great websites you can use to create enticing promotional material.

Check out
​ to create easy designs for business cards etc
​ to order promotional material

How do I connect with other photographers in the community?

Join our GeoSnapShot Photographer Community on Facebook. A space to connect, educate and inspire one another :) We also use this page to post events that need photographers to shoot, so keep your eyes peeled!

Are there any additional ways to earn revenue?

Yes. We offer an affiliate program for events and photographers you introduce to the platform. This program is by application only. Please contact or learn more.

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