Which size events do GeoSnapShot cover?

There are no events too big or too small! GeoSnapShot covers small club events to large national and international events.

Does GeoSnapShot cover large events? How many photographers do I need?

Yes. GeoSnapShot has experience shooting large national and international events.

For more information, including how many photographers will be needed for your event, please contact events@geosnapshot.com and we’ll happily discuss your requirements.

How experienced are the GeoSnapShot photographers?

Our photographers range from amateurs to full professionals. Many amateur photographers have spent years honing their skills and are capable of capturing amazing photos. Photographers are given access to online training through GeoSnapShot. We are also introducing a photographer’s profile page where you can see the photographer’s history with us and the quality of their work.

Is there a standard set price for photos?

We recommend the standard price of $10.95/£5.95 per photo but the price is flexible and you may wish to change it based on the event you are creating. 

Consider what you think participants will be willing to pay for the photos and also how much the photographer will make on the day.

Can I obtain free promotional photos?

Yes, we provide you with a set number of free photos per event. You will be given a discount code which enables you to download your free photos after each event. These photos are great for Facebook promotion, updating your website or even promoting your sponsors. Be sure to approach the photographer at your event if you wish to discuss specific photos you would like them to shoot throughout the day. You can find this code through the event management area. For more information feel free to contact support regarding promotional photos.


What happens if a photographer cancels their booking from my event?

In the off chance a photographer cancels, the event position will instantly become available on our calendar again. This enables another photographer to book on to your event. If the position is still vacant 2 weeks prior to the event, we do a mass call out via facebook and email to advertise the job to our vast network of photographers. The position usually gets snapped up quick smart. Don’t forget, we’re here to support you, so please feel free to reach out to us with any concerns leading up to your event - events@geosnapshot.com.

In addition, you’re more than welcome to touch base with the photographer booked onto your event – you can find their contact details through manage my events. You can also use this opportunity to discuss any additional information they may need to know about the event.

Do I have to use GeoSnapShot photographers or can I invite my own club photographers?

Yes, you can invite your own photographers.

We encourage using your own photographers as we believe in local members supporting your club. If you don’t have any club photographers or don’t have enough to cover your event, you can request additional GeoSnapShot photographers.

What happens if no photographers book onto my event

Feel free to contact events@geosnapshot.com and we’ll promote to photographers in the area for you.

There are also some other things you can do on your side aswell. You can invite your own photographers or make a callout on your Facebook page for photographers to cover your event, you can do this via the Event Management page.

Can I set a privacy password for the photos of my event?

Yes. By creating a password you can restrict access to the photos of your event. You can activate this function on the first page when you are creating your event. It’s important to remember to send the password to all the participants after the event so they are able to view and purchase the photos.

If you would like to switch OFF your password, click on the following article for instructions to do so.


Security for minors

Can I request proof of Working With Children Check (WWCC)?

Yes. If your event requires a WWCC, please state this in the event notes as a requirement of booking on. You can request that the photographer emails you a copy of their number when booking onto the event. If you need to contact the photographer regarding this you can find their details through your event management page in the photographers section.

Are GeoSnapShot photographers covered for Public Liability Insurance?

Yes we provide Public Liability Insurance for all photographers on the platform (excluding North America). Some terms and conditions apply.

What is the process if there are participants who do not wish to have their photo taken?

In some instances, parents may not wish for photos to be taken of their children. Please approach the photographer and advise them which participants should not be photographed.

Photographers keep copyright and give access for a personal use licence. If people want to purchase photos for other uses any enquiries need to be directed toward the photographer that took the photo.

Can I get more information for my committee?

Yes, you can download the latest information about GeoSnapShot.

If you have any question please contact us at events@geosnapshot.com

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