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FAQ's for Event Organisers

Frequently asked questions for event organisers

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What size events use GeoSnapShot?

GeoSnapShot is a purpose-built photography platform that makes the distribution of event photos simple for any size event, large or small.

How experienced are GeoSnapShot photographers?

Our photographers range from amateurs to full professionals. Many amateur photographers have spent years honing their skills and are capable of capturing amazing photos for your event. Photographers are given access to online training through GeoSnapShot. You can view a photographer’s profile page to see their history with GeoSnapShot and the quality of their work.

Our GeoSnapShot photographers are booked - what happens now?

You will find the contact details for your photographers on the Manage Event page in your GeoSnapShot account. Please contact your photographers directly to discuss what they need to know about your event. They will upload their photos directly to your gallery after the event.

Is there a standard set price for photos?

We recommend the standard price of $10.95 / £5.95 per photo, however you can choose the price of the photos. Consider what price you think participants will be willing to pay for the photos and how much the photographer will earn from the event.

Can I get free promotional photos?

If you are using GeoSnapShot photographers to cover your event free of charge, you can access up to 10 free photos. These complimentary photos can be used for your social media and communications. Be sure to approach the photographer if there are specific photos that you would like them to shoot.

To access these free photos, go to the Promo Code section in the Manage Event page in your GeoSnapShot account.

If you have an agreement with the photographer/s for full access to the photos taken at your event, GeoSnapShot can activate direct photo downloads for your GeoSnapShot account. To request this please contact

What happens if a GeoSnapShot photographer cancels?

In the off chance a photographer cancels, the event position will instantly become available again on GeoSnapShot. This enables another photographer to book on to your event. If the position is still vacant 2 weeks prior to the event, GeoSnapShot will send a call out via Facebook, as well as send targeted emails to our network of photographers, to advertise the job. The position usually gets snapped up quickly. Don’t forget, we’re here to support you, so please feel free to contact

Can I use my own photographers?

Yes, you can invite your own photographers to cover your event. In fact, we encourage using your own, local photographers. If you don’t have any photographers or don’t have enough photographers to cover your event, you can request additional photographers through GeoSnapShot.

What happens if no GeoSnapShot photographers book onto my event?

Feel free to contact and we’ll promote the opportunity to photographers nearby your event.

Consider also making a callout on Facebook and your social media channels for photographers to cover your event. You will be amazed how many capable photographers there are in your local area.

Once you find your own photographers, be sure to invite them to your event via the Manage Event page in your GeoSnapShot account, so that they can upload their photos to your event.


Are GeoSnapShot photographers covered for Public Liability Insurance?

Yes we provide Public Liability Insurance for all photographers on the platform (excluding North America). Some terms and conditions apply.

Who owns the copyright for the photos?

The photographers retain the copyright to their photos and give access to a personal use licence. If people would like to use the photos for other use cases, enquiries need to be directed toward the photographer who snapped the photo.

Can I set a privacy password for the photos?

Yes, by creating a password you can restrict access to your event photos. You can activate a password when creating your event in GeoSnapShot, or you can add a password after the event has been created via the Manage Event page and “Edit” in your GeoSnapShot account.

It’s important to remember to send the password to all the participants so they are able to view and purchase the photos. If somebody would like to access the photos and does not know the password, they can contact the event organiser directly via the password protected gallery page.

If you would like to switch OFF your password, click on the following article for instructions to do so.

Can I remove photos from my event gallery?

GeoSnapShot allows you to instantly delete photos from your event gallery. You can do this from the Event Albums page in your GeoSnapShot account.

Security for Minors

Can I request a Working With Children Check from the Photographers (WWCC)?

Yes. If your event requires a WWCC, please state this in the event notes as a requirement of booking on. You can request that the photographer emails you a copy when booking onto the event. If you need to contact the photographer regarding this you can find their details in the Manage Event page in your GeoSnapShot account.

How does GeoSnapShot’s Photo Redaction work?

GeoSnapShot’s instant Photo Redaction uses AI technology to instantly remove photos of individuals (such as children) who cannot be seen in photos, giving Event Organisers and Administrators full control. To activate this for your event contact

How do I share my event gallery?

We encourage you to embed your gallery on your website or app, so that your participants can find their photos easily. Embedding your gallery is as easy as uploading a YouTube video to a web page!

Simply copy the embed code from the top right of the Gallery page in your GeoSnapShot account, then paste it on the relevant page in the admin of your website. Be sure to not change the embed code otherwise it may not display correctly.

Alternatively, you can share the gallery via the quick link found in your GeoSnapShot account. You can send out the quick link via an email, social media post and link it to a QR code printed on event materials and signage.

How do I promote the photos?

People are always busy and need reminding more than once! In the lead up to your event, let your participants know that photos will be available and be sure to announce as soon as the photos are ready to view (via email and social media) more than once. Everyone wants to see their photos!

Can I pay photographers a set fee and have the photo revenue go to my event?

Selling participant photos is a great way to boost the revenue from your event. In this case, the photographers are paid a set fee to attend the event and 70% of the photo sales revenue will go to your event. If you would like to book Paid Assignment photographers via GeoSnapShot, contact

Can I share the photos free of charge with the participants?

Offering event photos to participants is some of the best marketing an event can do! Free photos are highly downloaded and shared across social media. Free photos enhance the participant experience. In this case, the event books Paid Assignment photographers and there is a small GeoSnapShot platform fee per participant. If you would like a quote for free sharing, contact

Can I sell ad-on Photo Packs via the event registration?

Selling photo packs via registration is an excellent way to increase revenue from your event. GeoSnapShot can unlock prepaid photos for participants who purchase a pack via registration. To learn more contact

Can I feature a logo on the photos?

Yes, you can upload a logo to display on your event photos, within your GeoSnapShot account. To enquire about logo overlay contact

Can I use a custom watermark?

Brand control for events is front of mind for GeoSnapShot, we want to make your event look great! To request a custom watermark contact

Can I offer photo bundles and promotions?

You can offer individual photos for sale, a discount pack (such as “Buy 3 or more photos and Get 20% off) or a bundle (photos of the participant for a set price via face recognition).

Need other information?

If you have a question that is not covered in this Help article, please reach out to

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