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Photographer payment and setting prices for photos

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At GeoSnapShot, we only make money when you do!

That's right, no monthly fees or membership costs :)

You can upload as many photos as you like for free. When you sell photos, you get 70% of each photo sold (minus 5.7% paypal fees) and we get the remaining 30%. See below for the breakdown.

Australian payment structure (standard price)

United Kingdom payment structure (standard price)

When you book onto an event, we have a standard price of £4.95/$8.95 per photo. However, when you create your own events, you can set any price you want.

You can request payment at anytime. All payments will be made to your preferred bank account or through PayPal within 48 hours.

Curious about other ways to generate money on the platform? We also offer an affiliate program. Click the following article for more information.

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