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Public Liability Insurance

Public Liability Insurance for GeoSnapShot photographers

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Written by Sarah Stambolieff - Head of Photographer Growth
Updated over a week ago

We’re very pleased to announce that we’ve managed to secure Public Liability Insurance for photographers on the GeoSnapShot platform (excluding North America).
At this time we’re offering this to photographers at no cost (this may change in the future to be a small monthly fee).

It is our prerequisite that before any claim is made you must have:

  1. Been previously registered on the GeoSnapShot platform.

  2. Prior to the event day, you have either created the event yourself or you have booked onto the event.

For full details of the policy please see links below

Disclaimer: GeoSnapShot is not qualified to provide you with legal or insurance advice. You should make your own assessment whether this policy is right for you or if you need to provide your own insurance arrangements. If in doubt please seek legal advice.

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