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Want to encourage multiple sales in the one you can!!!

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Some of the feedback we constantly receive from customers is can they receive a discount when buying multiple photos.

Now we can happily confirm that they can!!

GeoSnapShot has created new technology to encourage multiple photo purchases. Admin is now able to apply a discount when requested by event organisers and affiliate managers.

When you load your event you can request to have a promotion set up for your event.  
The technology works as such: 

  • spend x$ amount to get x% off.

  • Set time frame of promotion.

For example: Buy 1 photo for full price of $9.95 or buy 3 photos and receive a 20% discount on your total purchase.

1 photo = $9.95

2 photos= $19.90

3 photos= $23.88

(why would they want to buy just 2!!)

This is how your discount will be displayed to your customers.

This also enables you to re promote past events after sales have ceased.

Our discount feature has been very successful in the events we have tested it on so far and have received very positive feedback.

Testimonial from Affiliate Photographer Tracie Hanson

"Having the ability to offer a promotion on the price of photos that suits your event benefits all. Its a win win for the participants as provides more value for money as makes it a very competitive price (and who doesn't like a discount) and also for the photographers (and GeoSnapShot) as it encourages the sale of more photos and spreads the sales amongst all photographers of the event. I believe some people would typically only buy one or two photos now purchase 3 photos.

The event organisers have provided positive feedback that it provides good value for participants and is more affordable then some alternatives."

If you would like a promotion set up on any events please contact

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