GeoSnapShot has been successfully supporting Tennis Australia (TA) events since 2017.

We’re now expanding the relationship to offer the benefits of the GeoSnapShot platform to all TA clubs nationwide.

Why use GeoSnapShot at your club?

GeoSnapShot is a photography platform that you can use to provide your players with great memories from your club events. Some key points are:

  • There is no cost to TA clubs for using GeoSnapShot.

  • Your club will earn a minimum of 10% of the photo sales from every event. You can earn up to 80% of photos sales for your club, ask us how!

  • Photos can be password protected to ensure safety.

  • Use your own club photographers or request GeoSnapShot photographers.

  • You set the price of the photos for your event.

  • The GeoSnapShot platform can be embedded in your website.

Register now to receive the all the TA benefits.

The GeoSnapShot platform has been used to support thousands of events around Australia and is used by many National Sport Organisations. To find out more visit

If you have any questions or want to request a demo, email

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