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How to upload photos from a switch account
How to upload photos from a switch account

How to upload photos on for an existing event

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How to upload photos

As your primary role will be an event organiser first you will need to either join as a new a event organiser or if you have already created an account log into GeoSnapShot.

Once logged in, you will be on your dashboard. We have given you access to a switch account if you do not see the other role under the "My Account" dropdown please message support for us to set you up.

Then you will be taken to the photographer dashboard. Select "My Albums"

Then select "Create an album".

From here, select your event by clicking on the event. (or create a new event first by selecting the "green create new event" box) If you can't find your event change the date range to be in the time frame of your event.

Then enter your album name and save. make sure your album name relates to the photos you are uploading.

You can add several different albums to one event to better segment your photos, making it easier for participants to find themselves.

Now you can start adding your photos by clicking the blue button "add files". Once files have been added select the green button "start automatic upload". You can view progress on the green bar for each photo individually.
Note - make sure images are jpeg and 2-4mb. The photos that are uploaded are what is being purchased by the customer.
You can also view your photos through the event quick link. This link is the easiest way to share your photos in an email or on any social channel.

If you are still experiencing issues please feel free to contact support. 

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