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Registration Tips for Event Organisers
Registration Tips for Event Organisers

Tips to creating your first event

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Here are some tips to ensure the event is listed correctly on your event management page. 

Event Name

Please be specific as this helps with people finding the correct event e.g. Weymouth Half Marathon 2019.

Quicklink (your share link) 

The quicklink is derived from the event name. This can be amended to be shorter or to use an acronym ie Weymouth-half-2019 and will be the link that you share with the participants when promoting the photos.

Date and Time

Date is sufficient, but time is helpful if you want photographers there earlier than when the event details list as the start.


Be specific, give the photographers as much information as possible. Name of park/venue/field, exact street number and name. You can add extra details and information in the notes section at bottom of page 1 e.g. Half Marathon starts at Queens monument in Hyde park but finishes at the Water Fountains at Southern exit to Park.

Number of participants/competitors

Just an approximate number is required so we can gauge how many photographers may be required.

Number of Photographers

This number should ensure full event coverage however keeping in mind that there are enough participants to justify the coverage needed. If you need more guidance with this please contact support and we can discuss this further with you. 

If you are requesting more photographers for a multi day/multi location event please clarify this within the event notes. Once a photographer has booked on you can then roster them in different locations or time slots.

Notes to Photographers

Additional information is great to help photographers prepare properly for the event. For example it could be regarding (free) parking at event, specific locations for photographers to cover, types of photos requested or times to arrive and leave etc.

Contact Details

Please enter the correct contact person at the event or event organiser not just the person listing the details (ie an assistant). It is important that photographers have a correct contact person as not having so may affect their decision to attend the event.

Photo Pricing

If REVENUE from the sale of photographs is required then this must be filled out. Whether you use your own volunteer photographers, paid photographers or GeoSnapshot photographers. The pricing must be greater than AUS$0.00, (US, GBP or any other currency). This is to ensure photographers and event organisers get paid from the event.

This should be a nominal value that is attractive enough for participants to purchase 1-5 images or more but not too high so as to deter purchases. We suggest $8.95 or $10.95 per photo. To facilitate bulk purchases there is also an option to create a photo discount. Click the link for more information about photo promotions.

If GeoSnapShot photographers are required, even though they are free to attend (no charge to the event organiser), they receive a percentage of the revenue generated from sales for taking the time and making the effort to attend and take the photos. 

If the price is too low, photographers will be hesitant to book on and if the price is too high participants will purchase less photos. This is why we recommend the pricing, it's a happy medium.


You can embed our platform into your own website creating more traffic and promotion for your sport/event. 

For more information on embedding please click the link and contact our support team at

For any other information please go to our FAQ’s for event organisers. 

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