GeoSnapShot is a website that helps photographers and sports organisations share and sell their photos. We do not attend the event or take the photos ourselves. GeoSnapShot is a bit like eBay for photography.

We get asked a couple of questions frequently and I wonder if these answers will help you.

When will photos be available?

If you want to know when photos will be available simply go to the photos page and leave your email address. You will then be notified when all photos have been uploaded.

How do I find photos of me?

The best way to find your photos quickly and easily is to go to the photos page and search using face recognition. You can also search by other filters such as time, and bib number.

I saw a photographer take photos of me but I can't find the photos

Not all photos make the final cut and not all photographers at the event are the official photographers. The official photographers want you to have all photos as quickly as possible. If we've notified you that all photos have been uploaded then there are no other photos coming.

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