How to customize your event gallery
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Go to your gallery page through the navigation bar in the header

Click on Page Colors to customise the colors of your gallery.

Primary color is the most used color in your gallery, generally this will be the primary color of your brand.

Secondary color is used in the banner for upcoming events and for the labels.

Accent color will be used in case its needed for any element.

Tip: Please pick colors that go well with each other and is easier to read when text is placed on it

Click on the Upload Banner button to upload a cover/banner for your gallery.

Minimum image size: 1200px X 250px

Once the image uploads, click on the Adjust banner button to fine tune the banner placement.

If you have already uploaded a banner and wish to change it, click on the top right Remove Banner button and then upload the image you need.

For each of the events, you can upload a custom cover image or pick the best shot from the event. Click on Select Cover Image to open the image selector popup.

Upload cover photo -

You can upload an image (size: 310px X 175px) as a cover

Select an image from the event -

Click the Select from event photos button and select an image from your event. Click the Save cover photo button to save the selection.

Once you are happy with the changes, you can Save and Publish the changes. Alternatively you can also Save Draft to continue the changes are a later time. Please note, until you click the Save and Publish button, your changes will not be live.

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