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FAQ's for Schools

Frequently asked questions for schools

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Are my photos secure?

GeoSnapShot uses Amazon Web Services to store the photos within Australia in accordance with Australian Data and Privacy laws. Photos can be pass code protected, private (only the family sees the photos that contain their child) and GeoSnapShot does not store identifying data to link students’ names photos.

How can I redact a pupil?

Go into your School Account > School Profile > select Photo Security button on the top of the page and you can drag and drop as many photos as you want

Can I set a privacy password for the photos of my event?

Yes. By creating a password, you can restrict access to the photos of your event. You can activate this function on the first page when you are creating your event. It’s important to remember to send the password to all the participants after the event so they can view and purchase the photos

How do I add/edit or change an event password?

Go into your Events screen, find the event you would like to add/edit or change the password. Select Actions > Manage Event > Edit (at top of screen)

If you have a password already set, it will display. You can change it by overtyping then select > NEXT STEP > SAVE

To turn on or off simply click Turn Password Off or Turn Password On

How do I share an event password?

You will need to copy and paste the password into you preferred email / communication tool and share with the desired group

Can I search on a student’s name to find photos?

No, GeoSnapShot does not store any student information (name, student ID, etc) with the photos therefore it is not possible to identify an individual student by name or ID. In addition, it is also not possible to search for biometric data like hair colour or eye colour.

Are the redacted photos deleted?

No, GeoSnapShot does not delete the school’s photos, only blocks the redacted photos from display. Only the school can delete their photos if they choose to.

If photos are deleted by the school, are the photos completely removed from the storage servers?

Yes, when photos are deleted by the school, the photos are completely removed and cannot be accessed again.

How do I set-up discounted pricing for an event?

Go into your Events screen, find the event you would like set-up discounted pricing for or change the password. Select Actions > Manage Event > open Photo Discount section

You have two options for discounted pricing. Percentage Discount where you decide the number of photos a customer buys to receive a percentage off and Photo Bundle where you can offer a fixed fee for all the photos of the person. Both have a discount period calendar for you to decide if you offer the discounts for a definite or indefinite period of time.

How do I know what invited photographers for my event have accepted the invitation?

Go into your Events screen, find the event you would like to check the photographer status on, Select Actions > Manage Event > open Invite And Manage Photographers section

You invited photographers and their acceptance status will show in the Booked Photographers Box

How do I upload photos to an event?

Go to Events > Actions > Upload Photos. If you haven’t already created an Album for the Event it will ask you to do this, otherwise it will show you the albums already created for the event, and you can decide if you want to load to existing albums, or create a new one

What size and type of photo files should be uploaded?

Please upload jpeg files. The file that you upload will be the same file that the customer downloads after purchase. To help reduce upload times, we recommend 2 to 4mb sized files. This provides the customer with a high-resolution digital download. Most people share images on social media, but if they wish to print, 2-4mb is a good-sized file to do so.

Can I extract photos for school publications?

Yes, you can by going into the Gallery, find the image(s) you want and add them to your shopping cart. Prior to clicking Checkout Now, enter your school admin Promo Code into the promo box and click Apply.

A Download Now button will now show. Click on this and you will then be taken into your Downloads Gallery. From here you can export and save the image.

Where do I find my downloaded photos?

You can view all your downloaded photos by going to the top menu, selecting School Account > Downloads

Who owns the copyright of the photos?

GeoSnapShot does not own the copyright to your school photos. GeoSnapShot provides a platform to manage and distribute photos. As the photographers are controlled and managed by the school, it is the school who discusses the copyright ownership of the photos directly with the photographers they use.

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