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Where to find the best events to attend

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There are unlimited types of events you can sell photos from. People want memories of their lives, doing the things they love. Millions of people are participating in sporting events every weekend. Below are some tips on how to find events near you.

There are a huge number of websites that contain event calendars. Simply go to Google and search for an event type you're interested in. Most of these websites then let you search by your local area. i.e. Trail running Colorado, Equestrian events England, Obstacle races Sydney. 

Our website provides information for you to make a professional introduction to the event organiser to ask them if you can be an official photographer for the event.

Things to consider when choosing an event to attend

1. Is the event a sporting event? People want a memory where you can capture their face or them in action. People want a memory from the weekend to keep and share on social media.

2. Look for events with over 50 participants. This gives you a good opportunity to capture a lot of people, therefore, a good audience to sell to.

3. Try and go to events that people have trained for. If there is no training involved then people are less likely to buy photos i.e. a weekly ball game. If it’s the first time people have run a 10Km run they will probably want a photo.

4. Photos including animals and children sell very well i.e. equestrian event, dog agility, school events, little athletics, etc. Always make sure you get permission before shooting an event by contacting the event organiser either before the event or by asking permission on the day. The event organiser can also help you promote photos after the event by emailing the participants on where to find their photos

Below is a video on how to find local events online

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