Culling and uploading photos

Best uploading practices

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Upload fast to maximise sales

Do you know that 70% of event sales happen within 48 hours after an event! To maximise sales it is important to get your photos online fast.

Uploading checklist

• Download all photos to your computer
• Use lightroom/Picasa or preferred program for sorting and culling images  
• Do not watermark images (people purchase the image you upload)
• Label albums in a way that makes sense to buyers and to help them find photos of themselves
• Upload photos of everyone (consecutive shots of people do sell)
• Upload quickly 24 to 48hrs after an event
• Only minimal editing if needed
• Upload photos medium jpeg 2 to 4mb
• Only upload photos you would purchase yourself
• Do not upload photos on multiple tabs as this slows down the process and can cause photos to drop out

Video on how to cull your event photos fast

Upload Troubleshooting

Photo upload

People who have NBN can upload at 7 to 10MB a second. In our office we can only upload at a maximum of 800Kb per second. That’s a limitation of our internet provider.
If your internet drops out whilst the upload is going on you may see the green bar “stuck” at the end of that photo or a blank bar. In that instance you will need to re-upload that photo. To understand your current internet speeds you can use the tool, you can compare that with our office speed given above.

Multiple tabs
If you upload multiple albums using multiple tabs at the same time it is very likely you will get “stalled” photos i.e. photos not being uploaded or you see the green bar go to the end and the photo never completes uploading.
This is actually caused by the internet browser making too many requests at once and some of the photo upload get’s lost. The best way to get around this is to only upload one album at a time.

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