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Emailing the event organiser regarding promotion
Emailing the event organiser regarding promotion

How to promote your photos to the event organiser after your event

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Engaging actively in sourcing and attending events necessitates understanding the optimal approach to promoting your photos post-event.

It can be disheartening to witness low sales and views despite your diligent efforts. By ensuring comprehensive promotion, you can rest assured knowing you have maximized your efforts to share your event photos.

Before delving into the three most effective methods for photo promotion, it's crucial to ensure you have access to your event's share link.

To find your link watch the video below

The following three methods of promotion consistently yield success: direct email outreach to participants, leveraging Facebook, and posting on a website.

  1. Sending sharing your event link directly to participants via email ensures visibility, as the email remains in their inbox until they find the time to peruse it.

  2. Promoting photos on a website alongside event results capitalizes on participants' interest in the event and its associated photographs.

  3. Utilizing Facebook for promotion can be highly effective, although its efficacy hinges on factors like post visibility. To maximize reach, it's beneficial to have an administrator post or share your content on the main wall for optimal visibility.

Email the organiser

Here is some suggested wording for your email to send out to Event Organisers to discuss and confirm photo promotion, if a phone call is made please discuss the email option as first priority for photo promotion.

Hi (name)

Thank you for allowing me to attend and photograph your event, insert event name 

I have now uploaded my photos from the event and require that you now please advertise to the participants. It's really important that marketing for the photos happens as soon as possible and with as much impact as possible, this keeps both your participants and the photographer (myself) happy.

The best ways to advertise are: email to each participant, Facebook, a link on your results page and as a note in any other communications to participants.

Your advert could read: "Fantastic action photos from event name are now available to be viewed and purchased from: insert share link from event"

Please use 2 or 3 of your complimentary photos with the advert above to participants. Up to 10 complimentary photos can be obtained by going through the normal purchase process and then using the following promo code at checkout.

If you could kindly confirm when this promotion is completed I will start tracking the sales.

Best Regards,

If you would like any further support with event promotion please feel free to contact

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