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Asking permission to photograph an event
Asking permission to photograph an event
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Want to attend an event in your local area? 

It's easy to start using GeoSnapShot to start selling your photos online. Below is a template email that you can send to an event organiser to ask permission to attend their event.

"organisers name"

My name is “your name” I'm a photographer from GeoSnapShot and I’m contacting you regarding your upcoming event in .......

GeoSnapShot has a national community of over 4,500 passionate photographers with a keen interest in supporting events in their community.

I know you’re busy so I’ll keep this short!

The GeoSnapShot service is completely free to you (photographers only get paid from any photos they sell) and we will provide you with some free photos from your event to promote what an awesome time people had.

Why use GeoSnapShot? Here’s just a few reasons…

  • We have cool new search technology like face recognition, bib number and time to help your participants find their photos.

  • You can invite more photographers to have mass photography coverage.

  • Photographers are covered by Public Liability Insurance (except North America).

  • Want to raise money from your event? Ask us how.

All I ask in return is that after the event you let your participants know where they can find photos. We normally suggest you do that via an email and a Facebook update.   

Find other cool ways we support you at

I would really appreciate knowing if GeoSnapShot photographers can come along to your event.

Can you simply reply “Accept”, “Decline” or ask us any question you want so we can help you provide an amazing experience for all your participants.

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