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GeoSnapShot for Schools
GeoSnapShot for Schools

How you can use GeoSnapShot for schools

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Every year schools have events like sports days, musicals and graduations. Parents and grandparents would love to have a keepsake photo of their child at these events. Unfortunately, in many cases, family members can’t attend or no photos are taken as a special memory of the event.

GeoSnapShot understands this problem and has developed a way to solve it. The best part is the solution can generate more money for your school.

Testimonial: Knox Grammer School

How does it work?

  • Designated teachers or students take photos at school events and upload them to GeoSnapShot.

  • Parents and grandparents then easily and safely search, find and buy photos. Photos can be downloaded instantly, so no need to wait weeks for prints.

  • All revenue generated from photo sales is split 70% to photographers and 30% to GeoSnapShot. Photographers can donate all or a portion of money raised back to the school. There are no upfront costs for signing up or loading photos onto GeoSnapShot.

How much are the photos?

The price is fully flexible and determined by you.  We recommend an initial standard price of $8.95 per photo. However, you can choose any price you want.

Safety first

By knowing your photographers, you can control the photos that are uploaded. When creating your event you are able to set a password to view the photos. The password is set and controlled by you.

How do people get the photos?

All photos are provided as high quality, instant digital downloads from the GeoSnapShot website.  There is no need to wait weeks for prints to arrive. Downloaded photos will print up to 8 x 10 size.

No cost & no risk

There is no upfront cost for using GeoSnapShot. If you don’t sell a single photo, there is no cost to you.

Show me a demo

We’ve set up a demo event so you can see how it all works.
Simply go to
the password is: password

All photos in the demo event are free but you can set any price you wish for photos from your event.

What next?

When you’re ready simply register your event on our calendar setting the password and price for the photos. Tell photographers to upload photos after the event.

Andy Edwards

CEO& Founder provides a global mass community-based photography platform where any photographer can upload and share or sell their photos. Schools can request talented local photographers to attend their events, or School photographers (students, parents or paid professionals) can take photos and upload to one convenient online marketplace.

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