How to add multiple events under 1 URL

How quick links work

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Some events are over multiple days so it is best to create different events for each day as some photographers are unable to attend every day of the event. 

When promoting the photos after the event we have enabled event organisers to create one link for multiple events or (different days within one event) this groups all the photos in one place on GeoSnapShot.

When creating the event you can choose the specific link URL you would like to use to group all your events together. This is what we call a quick link

For a normal event, this link defaults to the event title name as you can see below.
Event Name: Sydney Trail Series 23 of April 2017
Event quick link:
As you can see the URL is long so you may want to shorten it.

If you would like the same URL for two different events you can change the quick link.
Event Name: Sydney Trail Series 23 of April 2017
Event quick link:

Now if I create a separate event for the next day you can use the same quick link for as the day before so all photos are found in one place for participants to find.
Event Name: Sydney Trail Series 24 of April 2017
Event quick link:

This one link will then display both days in our find photos area. This link should also be used in any before or after event promotional activities.

For any further information on how quick links work please feel free to contact our customer support team. 

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