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Photographers registering under your affiliate
Photographers registering under your affiliate

Onboarding photographers through your affiliate

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Once your affiliate link has been set up it is easy to begin onboarding new photographers through your link.
Just send new photographers your specific affiliate link in an email, on social media or through your own website.
Photographers just need to click on the link and register as a photographer through our normal sign up process.

Step 1: photographers MUST click on your affiliate link 

Photographers will then be taken to our home page where they need to click on "join as a photographer" button.

Step 2: photographer fills out their details and clicks "sign up"

The photographers will be taken to their photographer dashboard page where they can explore the site.

Note; you can register on the behalf of a photographer however they may want to change their password afterwards.

You can view the photographers that have been linked to your affiliate by clicking on the "affiliate" button in "my account".

Photographers linked to you affiliate will appear in the "referred photographers" tab.

If you are experiencing an issue with your link or a photographer has not followed this process and is not showing up under your affiliate please contact us with the photographer's name and email and we will transfer them across to your affiliate.

For more information regarding loading events under your affiliate please click on the link below.

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