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Creating events under your affiliate
Creating events under your affiliate

How to create events under your affiliate link

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Written by Sarah Stambolieff - Head of Photographer Growth
Updated over a week ago

Once your affiliate link has been set up it is easy to create new events under your affiliate. 

Step 1: Create your event

Select "Request Photographers"  option to load your event 

Fill in the event details under all 3 tabs. 

Note; if you do not need to request photographers for your event you can just enter "0" for the number of photographers requested. Your own photographers will still be able to upload photos after the event.

Step 2: Select "Create event now" to save your event.

Your event should now be created under your affiliate. To view your events click on the "affiliate" button in "my account". 

Your event will be listed under the "referred events" tab.

If you are experiencing an issue with your event not showing up in your list, please contact us with the event name and we will transfer it across to your affiliate.

For more information regarding photographers registering under your affiliate please click on the link below.

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