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How to build a good relationship with the event organiser
How to build a good relationship with the event organiser

Increase photo sales by building relationship with the event organiser

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Event organisers hold the key to you having a happy and successful event (who doesn't want that?!). Below are some key reasons to build these relationships and how this can lead to more consistent opportunities and sales in the long run.

  • They have access to the contact details of all the participants of the event. Basically a gold mine! The best sales are achieved by sending out an email notification to all the participants so they can easily find and buy your photos. Facebook posts are also are really great tool for reaching your audience.

  • Potential to shoot at more of their events in the future and for them to pass on your details to people they know in the industry. Doing a good job often opens doors that may have been closed before. 

  •  Valuable source of knowledge about the event. Understand all you need to know about the day and how the event will run. Know what to expect and enjoy your day :)


So you've just received permission to attend an event (nice one!). This is a great time to reach out and connect with the event organiser to introduce yourself, discuss what will happen on the day and explore promotion possibilities. 

Remember, relationships begin with the initial interaction so be polite and friendly, first impressions last!

Click below to find out how to promote your photos.


The big day has finally come! We recommend arriving 1hr early so you can enjoy a relaxed start to the day. Having a bit of extra time up your sleeve allows you to set up, get a feel for the environment and introduce yourself to the event organiser. 

Don't underestimate the importance of a face to face introduction. Remember, the event organiser has access to the contact details of all the participants of the event.
The more effort you put into engaging with them, the more likely they'll put effort into promoting your photos!
Take the time to thank them for having you at the event. Without them, you wouldn't be there :)

What else should you ask on the day?

  • How will the event run? The more details the better. You don't want to be kicking back eating party pies when the event final is on. Know the event!

  • Are there any off limit zones? Do they have any recommendations for the best spots to shoot?

  • If there are multiple arenas and/or multiple photo photographers, discuss the best options for covering the event.

  • Do they want any promotional shots? Do they have any sponsorship signs that they would like to be included in those shots? This is a good time to remind them that they are entitled to 10 complimentary photos for promotion.

  • Are there any safety issues you should be aware of? Even if you know the sport, it gives the organiser confidence that you care about safety.

  • Do they have PA system? Making announcements are a great way to increase awareness of your presence.

IMPORTANT: It's vital to discuss post event promotion of your photos. Remind them to send out an email notification to all the participants and post on Facebook to the event group. It's all about exposure and awareness. Maximise your photo selling potential!


Event organisers are busy people. Sometimes they forget to send out promotional emails and post on facebook. You can send them a friendly reminder and again thank them for having you at the event. This is a good time to ask about any upcoming events to shoot at. 

Happy snapping y'all :)

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