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How to make money from your photography this weekend
How to make money from your photography this weekend

Monetising your photography through events

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I’m going to show you how easy it is to start making money from your photography this weekend. If you follow these 5 steps, I guarantee that you’ll make money, have fun and take your photography to the next level.

Most photographers work in 9 to 5 jobs and don’t have time to run a photography website, advertise themselves for jobs or deal with customer service. I’ll show you how to sell your photos in your local area and not have to worry about running a website or dealing with customer service.

There are a few reasons why people don’t sell their photos. Sometimes it’s because the photographer doesn’t believe in themselves or have enough confidence that their photos are good enough. Sometimes, it’s because they are not taking photos of situations that people want to buy. And, more than likely photographers don’t have an easy sales platform.

I’ll start by saying that I run GeoSnapShot. We provide a global photography sales platform where anyone can upload and sell photos immediately with no fuss, no website setup, no startup fees, no monthly fees and no need for customer contact. We’ll train you and teach you how to take great photos that sell. I’ll talk more about GeoSnapShot later.

So, let’s get started and look at each of the 5 steps.


1. Finding an event in your local area

You’ll be amazed at how many opportunities there are to make money in your local area every weekend.

Sports events are a fantastic place to start because people love action shots of their activities and achievements on the weekend. You may already go to these events with your partner or your kids where you take a handful of photos.

Some event ideas are running events (like Park runs, trail runs, fun runs), kids sports, Cycling, outdoor field sports, surfing. Whatever it is, pick a sport you’re interested in, have some knowledge of, and that is just around the corner from you.

Initially, it is best to focus (excuse the pun!) on smaller club events. You’ll have more success getting permission to attend, you’ll learn the process and hone your skills for the larger events later. Our photographers make great money from regular smaller club events.

Great events are all around you every weekend. If you need some more inspiration about finding events check out the best event types here.

2. Asking permission to attend

Never, ever just turn up at an event and start taking photos of people. This is a sure way to get on the wrong side of the event organiser and any other photographers at the event.

You should always approach an event official, either before the event (via a phone call or email) or at the event itself, to get permission to shoot and sell your photos.

In our experience, 9 times out of 10 you’ll be very welcome at the event. Build a relationship with the organiser, let them know you’re local, this is your hobby and passion.

Here’s a video on how to make an introduction to the event organiser at the event. Or you can send them an email before the event explaining the service and asking for permission to attend. 

You should offer some free photos to the organiser for the promotion of their club and also ask them about how they can promote the photos for sale to the participants. More on both of these points later.

 2. Taking great photos that sell

The people that buy your photos will be the people participating in the event. You want to capture their face, their expression, their action in the sport.

In general, wide and “arty” shots usually, don’t sell from these events.

You should aim to capture every person at the event and take a photo that they want to purchase to post on Facebook and tell their friends what a great time they had on the weekend.

Fill the frame with the person and remember to take at least 2 or 3 shots in rapid succession. For example, if the participant is a runner get a close up of their face and a full-length shot (including their feet as well).

4. Culling, editing and uploading

Now that you’ve done your event you don’t want to spend loads of time editing your photos. Most photos sell within 2 days of the event (so people can share their purchased photos on Facebook!). So it’s important that you’ve followed the steps in point 3 about taking photos that sell so you can upload them quickly.

If you’ve done this you’ll probably have a few hundred to a couple of thousand photos. It is easy to cull (i.e. delete), edit and upload these photos for sale quickly and easily.

As you’ve shot in JPEG, filled the frame, used natural light and taken multiple shots you’ll be able to edit quickly.

You should only upload photos you would buy yourself. So, start by culling all photos that you wouldn’t buy. These include out of focus (we all get these!), overexposed/underexposed, and distractions in the background. Never upload photos that don’t show the participants or the event in the best light or photos of accidents or people hurting themselves.

See our video on culling and editing photos.

Now, onto my favourite topic, GeoSnapShot!

I’ve created GeoSnapShot so you can upload and sell you photos from any event, anywhere in the world at any time. I believe people should have memories of their lives and photographers are capable of capturing those memories.

To upload your photos simply register at as a new photographer and follow the steps to Upload photos.

There is no cost to join and no monthly fees. We provide the website, sales process, hosting of your photos and do all the customer support. GeoSnapShot simply takes a cut of every photo you sell.

Don’t worry, you always retain copyright to your photos.

5. Promotion and sales

You know when you introduced yourself to the event organiser earlier? Well now is where that relationship comes into play.

The event organiser is best placed to promote your photos to the event participants. They can do this very easily usually via a Facebook post or an email to all participants.

GeoSnapShot provides a single link to your photos that you simply pass onto the event organiser to promote to their participants. In addition, we provide a promo code where the event organiser can download up to 10 free photos from the event for the promotion of your photos and their event.

Once you’ve uploaded photos you’ll receive the link and the promo code via email so you can simply send it on to the event organiser.

You photos are purchased via the GeoSnapShot platform. Participants select the photos they want and pay for them via PayPal, bank transfer or credit card.

Once payment has been received the purchaser receives the original photo that you uploaded and you’ll see new sales on your account.

You can request payment for your photos at any time and you’ll be paid within 48 hours.

About GeoSnapShot

So there is it, a simple way that enables any photographer to get out in their local area, take photos that make people smile and make money!

I firmly believe that amateur photographers are very talented and capable of taking photos that are valuable in people’s lives.

I’ve spent years teaching photographers to go through this process and make money.

We have over 3,500 photographers in the USA, UK and Australia. These photographers have attended over 5,000 sports events from small club events to the largest multi-day, multi-sport events in the country.

Now it’s your turn.

If you have any questions simply contact us at

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