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How to update or change event privacy
How to update or change event privacy

Change event privacy

Written by Ram Ghate
Updated over a week ago

To change the privacy of any particular event, go to Events Dashboard

Click on Update Privacy action icon of an event that you want to change the privacy of.

Change the Privacy of event as per requirement.

  • Unpublished events cannot be accessed by anyone other than a team member.

  • Anyone on the internet has an option to set a password to restrict others from accessing it. You can change the password anytime.

Published to anyone on the Internet will let anyone with the URL access the event.

(Setting up a password is recommended)

When published to Anyone on the Internet, you can also set a password and share it with selected people. This event won’t be accessible to anyone without the password.

Restricted events can be accessed only in the integrated environment. Team members will have access to the event regardless of the publishing option selected.

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