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How to curate photos in event gallery
How to curate photos in event gallery

Hide or delete photos from event gallery

Written by Ram Ghate
Updated over a week ago

To use the curate options (hide/delete photos), go to Events Dashboard.

Got to the gallery by clicking View Event Gallery action icon.

Toggle on the Curate button. Under curation, you can hide or delete the uploaded photos when you select the photos.

Team members can see the photos. Once the event is published, no one else can see the hidden photos.

When the photo are hidden, it will have an icon to indicate the hidden status.

Hide or Unhide can also be done for each photos by opening on the image.

Similarly, To delete - select the photos you wish to delete and click the β€œDelete” button, this action cannot be undone and photos once deleted will need to be re-uploaded if you need it back.

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