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A unique photography solution for your event
A unique photography solution for your event

GeoSnapShot platform for event organisers

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As an event organiser you want a flexible photography solution for your next event with no hassle.

Do you…

• want to provide a single place for all photos from your event from any photographers?

• want to raise money for your club/charity from photography sales?

• want photographers to attend but can’t afford professionals?

• want social media exposure with photos being shared from the event?

• want some marketing photos for yourself?

If so then GeoSnapShot has the answer for you.

How does GeoSnapShot work?

1. Photographers take photos at your events and upload them to

  • Did you know GeoSnapShot photographers are also fully covered by public liability insurance

2. Participants then easily search, find and buy photos. Photos can be downloaded instantly, so no need to wait weeks for prints. 

  • GeoSnapShot even offers face and bib recognition technology to make searching for photos among thousands from an event easy and hassle free. 

3. Any revenue generated from photo sales is split 70% to your photographers and 30% to the GeoSnapShot photo sales platform. There are no upfront costs for signing up or loading photos onto GeoSnapShot.

How much are the photos?

The price is fully flexible and determined by you. We recommend an initial default price of $8.95 per photo, but leave the decision to you.

Payment of photos is managed through the GeoSnapShot website and participants can pay via credit card or PayPal.

Want to raise money for your Club/Charity from photography sales?

Book your event on our calendar, set the price of the photos from your event and ask your volunteer photographers to take photos at the event.

Your volunteer photographers will be paid 70% of any photos they sell and this money can be donated back to your club.

Want photographers to attend but can’t afford professionals?

Our photographers love getting out and taking photos at the weekend it’s their hobby!

If you have an event where you want photographers to attend for free simply add your event to our calendar where it will be seen by our national database of photographers.

Photographers will book onto the event and they are entitled to keep the income from their sales, but your participants still benefit from the exposure and coverage of the event.

Interested in an opportunity to have GeoSnapShot donate a % of the photo sales back into your event?

If you would like to sell photos from your event GeoSnapShot can set you up to receive 10% of the photos sales, the more you promote the photos and the more they sell the more you receive as a donation back into the event, our customers love to hear that 10% of the photos sales are being donated back to the event they are supporting.

What does GeoSnapShot do?

The GeoSnapShot website provides a simple and hassle-free online photography platform that includes free online storage and viewing of all photos. In addition, we provide photographer training videos, instant online purchasing, and online and over-the-phone customer service.

Our revenue is 30% of any photos sold for providing the GeoSnapShot service.

I’m in!  What do I do next?

Simply register on our calendar and upload photos afterwards. It’s free and takes

about 2 minutes. It really is that simple!

Register yourself on our platform then register your event on our calendar now.

We’re here to help. Please contact us if you have any questions.


Lisa Grinham
National Events and Promotions Manager
m: 0451 778 449

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