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Team permissions
Team permissions

Accessibility and restrictions for each role.

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The user that created the organisations account is the account "Owner". They can invite other team members through the profile area of their account.

These include:

  1. Account Admin - Manage all account settings including billing and profile areas, are unable to edit main account email, or view bank details. Can manage all event settings.

  2. Account Manager - Upload photos; Create and curate galleries; Create and manage events including update privacy settings and passwords; Invite team members & photographers.

  3. Photographer - Upload photos; Create and curate galleries; Create and manage events.

    For further detail on permissions see chart below.

Features and functionality


Account Manager

Account Admin


Update the password of the event through event management page.

(Can view the password but can't edit)

Update the privacy of the event

See the event albums

⭕ (Partial)

Can see albums they created.

Upload complete button

Edit event details

Delete the event

Curate option

⭕ (Partial)

Can curate eg tag and hide but not delete.

Old sales page

New sales page

Update the account's email address

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