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Selling Photo Packs & Discounts - Multi-Tier Discounts
Selling Photo Packs & Discounts - Multi-Tier Discounts

Generate even more sales with our new multi-tier discounts!

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GeoSnapShot are excited to present Multi-Tier discounts. Generate more sales from your event by creating custom photo packages encouraging your audience to purchase more.

1. Go to the Manage Event page for your event

2. Open + Photo Packs and Discounts accordion

3. Select option Quantity Discounts

4. Add quantity (number of photos or videos)

5. Add price (for number of photos and videos)

6. Add additional tiers by clicking on + Add Quantity Tier (optional)

7. Specify Start and End Date for discount period (leave end date blank for indefinite period)

8. Tick Enable Discount and press button Save Settings

9. Once photos are uploaded you can view the banner on the Event Galley
View screen flow below or contact for more assistance.

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