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Inviting and Managing Photographers
Need photographers for your event?
Need photographers for your event?

You can hire or request photographers for free.

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Take the hassle out of organising photographers. Did you know you can hire photographers or request them for free through GeoSnapShot? See the steps below to learn how.

Hiring Photographers

  1. Signup or Login to GeoSnapShot

  2. In the header navigation go to My Account

  3. Within the My Account dropdown menu click on Hire/Request a Photographer

  4. Specify the Number of Photographers you want to hire.

  5. Add any Event and Photographer requirement information such as date, time, event location and your contact details.

  6. Click the Send button

  7. Our team will receive your message and be in contact to get more information about your event to organise a quote depending on event duration, size and location.

  8. Once the quote is accepted we will create your event listing and start the photographer recruitment process.

  9. We will vet photographers and invite them to your event.

  10. You will receive the photographers contact information to allow you to brief photographers directly.

  11. We will train and support photographers with uploading to the platform and notify you when all photos are uploaded to start after event promotion activities.

    Note: Hiring is normally based on a full or half day rate. We handle photographer payments. We offer photographers platform support.

Request Photographers for free

​You can request GeoSnapShot photographers to attend your event free of charge by enabling them to sell photos to the participants. This provides no cost photography solution to your organisation while giving your participants the ability to purchase photo memories of your event.

The benefits include

10 free photos for marketing purposes
Value add for the participants and memories of the event

Additional revenue options to your organisation (contact

Increased social sharing of your event through photos

  1. In the navigation header go to Events

  2. Click the Create an Event button

  3. Within the event form when adding an upcoming date a new field will display asking to Enter the number of GeoSnapShot photographers you'd like to request. Add the number of photographers you want to request from us.

  4. You can have a combination of your own photographers and ours. As photographers will only earn through photo sales please ensure that you consider photographer numbers based on sale opportunities and event size.

  5. Add specific event details and photographer requirements to the Photographer Notes field. This information will help photographers determine if they would like to book onto your event.

  6. In Step 3 - Photo Pricing you have the option to choose our Standard Price or Set a Custom Price. Photographers will only earn 70% of the photo price this net photo amount is displayed on the page.
    (If you need further guidance of pricing contact

  7. Click button Create Event to complete

  8. On the Manage Event page go to + Photo Packs and Discounts to add any additional photo pack discounts (Learn More)

  9. Photographers will see the event displayed on their Search Jobs dashboard to book onto the event.

  10. Booked photographers will display on Manage Event, + Invite and Manage Photographers accordion

  11. You can see the photographers profile information, email and phone number. Please reach out to them directly to confirm their booking and provide any additional information/requirements

  12. You can cancel photographers from the + Invite and Manage Photographers accordion. This will add the event back onto the Search Jobs board to enable another photographer to book on.

  13. If no photographers have booked onto your event please reach out to and we will help find photographers for you.

    If you have your own photographers you can invite them to your event (Learn More)

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