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Selling Photo Packs & Discounts - Percentage Discount
Selling Photo Packs & Discounts - Percentage Discount

How to set a percentage discount

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Want to optimise photo sales from events? Set a percentage discount to encourage purchases and ultimately sell more photos.

  1. After event creation click on the Manage Event icon found on the Events page.

  2. Open accordion + Photo Packs and Discounts

  3. Select option Percentage Discount

  4. Enter Number of Photos customer needs to buy to enable Chosen Percentage Off.

  5. Add Percentage off under Customer Gets field.

  6. Add Date for Discount Period.

  7. Tick Enable Discount

  8. Click button Save Settings

  9. After the Date set for discount period the discount will display as a banner on the View Gallery page.

  10. Discounts will be automatically added to customers cart at checkout.

  11. Discounted pack sales are visible on the Sales page

    🎬 Watch Video below

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