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Mark Upload Complete - Explained
Mark Upload Complete - Explained
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Mark Upload Complete

It's important after all your photos have uploaded to Mark Upload Complete. This helps inform the event organiser that all photos from you have been uploaded and to start photo promotion activities.

On events Manage Event page in the + Invite and Manage Photographers accordion under Booked Photographers you Status will change from Uploading to Completed.


On the Event Gallery page there is a banner to enable viewers to be notified once all photos have been uploaded. They can enter their email address to receive an email once all photos are online.

When all invited photographers have finished uploading and Marked Upload Complete customers who requested to be Notified will receive an email. If not all photographers have done this the event owner can override this and Mark Upload Complete on behalf of all photographers invited to the event. This will change the uploading Status of all photographers to Completed and remove the Notify Me banner from the Event Gallery.

This can be actioned in Manage Event, + Invite and Manage Photographers Accordion, Upload Completed button.

Note: For Invited Team Photographers the event creator will need to manually click the Upload Completed button when upload has finished as the platform does not know how many photographers will be uploading to the event.

What if I Mark Upload Complete but still have more photos to upload?

If you have missed some photos after taking this action you can still upload additional photos. This action does not effect the ability to upload photos.

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