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How to produce a short promotion video for Facebook
How to produce a short promotion video for Facebook

Facebook photo promotion

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Here is a quick video taking you through the process of how to create a simple but effective visual form of promotion on Facebook using your business profile page: 

Step by Step instructions

  1. Log into your Facebook page and when creating your post select the 'share a photo or video' option.

2. From the dropdown box select the 'create slideshow' option.

3. This page is where you select your photos to use in your slideshow, select the blue button or press on the + to add your photos.

4. You have options here to upload photos from your PC photos that you have saved to your facebook page, or you can take photos.

5. Select your photos for your slideshow and press enter or select open down in the bottom right hand corner.

6. Your photos will upload in the black bar, whilst they are loading you can adjust your settings to suit.

  • Aspect Ratio: this is the layout of the photo and may need to be changed to fit the photo in the screen

  • Image Duration: this is how long the image is displayed before moving on the next, i recommend 2 secs

  • Transition: you can choose to have the photos as a block image or have them fade into the next.

  • Music: Facebook has prerecorded options for you to choose from, or you can leave it without music.

Once your images have uploaded you can preview your slideshow by pressing the play button (this is where you may need to amend your aspect ratio).

  • Press 'create slideshow'

7. You are almost ready to publish your slideshow, you just need to add in some text and the quicklink to the photos (so once you have your viewers excited by the photos they can then click on the link to purchase)

  • Helpful Hint: your quicklink and suggested wording can be found in your event management page under the 'promotion' tab then 'post event promotion'.

Don't forget to credit yourself in the post

Press Publish and share to the event Facebook page and any other relevant pages.

  • Helpful Hint: As you may not have admin rights to the event Facebook page your post will sit in the visitor section , its a great idea to send them a message asking them to share your video from the visitor section onto their main wall. Its a great form of promotion for their event so they are generally very happy to do so.

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