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Problem uploading photos to GeoSnapShot?
Problem uploading photos to GeoSnapShot?

Are you having problems uploading your photos?

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Written by Sarah Stambolieff - Head of Product Design
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Firstly, let me say that we really understand how frustrating this can be. You’ve spent all day shooting, got home then culled and edited your photos and now they won’t upload....ARGH!!!!!!!!! 

This short guide will help you relieve that frustration and have you successfully uploading your photos as soon as possible.

Usually, people immediately blame GeoSnapShot with “the website’s not working”, that’s OK we’ve got broad shoulders but it’s unlikely this is the case. GeoSnapShot is supported by world-class server technology used to support some of the largest companies in the world.

That’s not to say there can’t be a problem with our site. If you go through the following steps and still have a problem please do contact us via the website.

OK, Let’s take a deep breath and let’s work through this together.

Quick checks:

  • Check your internet speed: To understand your current internet speeds you can use the tool. Look at the "Upload speed". A fast internet connection can have upload speeds at 7 to 10MB a second. A standard upload speed is around 800Kb per second. Anything less than 100Kb/s is very low and you should check your connection with your internet provider.

  • Try uploading using your phone: If you’re using ADSL for your internet connectivity please try tethering your phone and using 3G/4G to upload some photos as a test. If this test works with no upload issues you can be sure there is no issue with the GeoSnapShot website. This points to a modem or internet connection issue.

  • Reset your modem: Try resetting your modem and try again. This has worked for many photographers having upload issues before.

See the list below of other trouble shooting tips.

Trouble shooting tips:

  • Check your photos

· Are your photos between approx. 2Mb and 4Mb each?

· Are they in JPEG format?

· Make sure you have not moved the files on the computer after you add them as files to the GeoSnapShot photo uploader page.

· After you added the files to the upload page did you wait for the page to read all the files in? You can check this as each of you photos in the upload list should have a photo thumbnail at the left-hand side.

  • Your computer

· Check the “sleep” timer on your computer. If your computer goes to sleep whilst uploading the disk drives usually shut down and photos cannot be uploaded. This usually results in the upload failing.

  • Web browser

· Are you using a modern web browser like Safari, Chrome or Internet Explorer? Our preference is Chrome.

· When uploading, only upload 1 album at a time. Do not open multiple tabs and upload multiple albums simultaneously. This will cause the photo upload to fail.

· Try uploading 10 or 20 photos as a test (rather than a few hundred).

· Are you running any security software which may affect uploads, for example, Ad blockers or website blockers?

  • Internet connection

· Are you using a work internet connection? If so some work connections have strict security that may stop the uploaded working. Try uploading using another network like a home network or tethering your phone and using 3G/4G.

If you’ve tried all the above and are still having issues please contact us via the website and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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