How to search for photos

How to search and find your photos

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GeoSnapShot is a platform that enables photographers to sell their photos. We do not take the photos ourselves. We are a bit like an ebay for photographers.

To find photos within an event you can use the filters below. The best way to find photos of you is to upload a selfie, which uses GeoSnapShots face recognition to find all your photos.

If you still can't find your photos the best approach is to contact the photographer directly. Simply click on the photographer's name in the event and album you are interested in.

To use the global search page see the instructions below.

First things first. Click "Find Photos" in the header navigation

You can narrow down your search by either entering the event name, selfie search or event date (you can also search the event month if you have forgotten the exact date).

Use our facial recognition technology by searching our global database of 7.5 million photos to find photos of you.

Or search via event date or event month.

If searching via event name our keyword search will give you a shortlist of events. Or press enter to see all results.

Once you have selected the event, you can narrow down your search in several ways.
The first way is with face recognition. Simply upload a selfie and the system will find photos that match. Please note that this is set at 70% accuracy to help find even the more difficult photos to recognise eg face in shadow etc. This is still not 100% accurate, and just a tool to help narrow down your search.

The second way is to narrow down the event time to just the time that you participated.ย 

The third way is to select the relevant album that you participated in.

The fourth way is to enter your bib number.

In some events, there may be mulitple photographers shooting. If you wish to view photos by one particular photographer, you can do so by selecting their name in the photographer tab.

Here's a quick video that sums it all up :)

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