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How do I view photos if the event is password protected
How do I view photos if the event is password protected

Access for password protected events

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On GeoSnapShot some photos are protected with a password. The password is set and controlled by the event organiser and they can share the password with their specific audience, normally people connected with the event.
If the event which you are trying to view photos from is password protected you can request access by emailing the organiser and asking for the password.

First, you will need to search for the specific event you would like to view in our find photos area,
Once you have selected to view the event, click on the green tick in the album you would like to view and then request access through the contact organiser button see below.

If you do already know the password you can enter it directly in the blank field and click unlock.

For any further questions in relation to password protected events please feel free to contact us directly on our app.

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