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Tag photos to filter or find them in bulk

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Organisation team members can Tag photos on GeoSnapShot. Tagging can be done on either an album level or photo level. When logged into your account turn on the "Curate" toggle on the "Event Gallery" page.
Click on "Events" in the header navigation bar.

Click on the "Event Gallery" icon next to the event you wish to tag photos from.

Turn on the "Curate" toggle. Your curation actions "Tag" "Hide" and "Delete" will display. To add tags to multiple photos, select them via the tick box.

You can use filters to find specific photos. For example use selfie search and click "select all" visible photos and use the "Tag" button to bulk tag them.

In the popup, type in a tag and hit enter to add it. Once all the tags have been added,

click β€œSave Tags” to save them.

Album tags will appear in a different color and cannot be edited in the popup.

To modify tags of individual photos in the popup, go to "Add/ Edit tags" Click the "x" icon next to each tag you wish to remove. Then click "Save Tags" to confirm your changes.

To learn how to Add tags to Albums or Search for Tags see the articles below

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