How to Upload Photos

Learn how to upload photos to GeoSnapShot

Written by Ram Ghate
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1. First Create an Event to upload to (Learn More). If you have been invited to an event jump to step 3 (Learn More)

2. After the event is created with header navigation click on Events

3. Click on the Upload Photos icon

4. Create a New Album or add to an Existing Album by clicking on the album. You can add additional albums by clicking on the Plus icon. Albums are used to sort your photos and help your audience find their photos. Use album names that relate to the photos uploaded eg Finish line

6. You can upload photos directly from a folder through the Add Files button or Drag and Drop selected photos. When using keyboard shortcuts to select all files make sure you scroll the length of the folder so ensure all files have been selected.

7. View uploaded photos through the View photos icon.

8. When ready copy the Share Photos icon

9. Start after event promotion and sharing activities (Learn More)

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