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How to upload photos from a new event
How to upload photos from a new event

How to upload photos on GeoSnapShot

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First, you will need to either register as a new photographer or log into GeoSnapShot

Once logged in, you have to create an event to which the photos need to be uploaded. To do that, navigate to Events tab > Create Event > Event in the past

1. Fill out the details of the event. Eg: Summer Marathon (for Event Name).

2. Set the price for photos or you can share them for free & Hit CREATE EVENT.

Event has been created. Now, to upload photos, go to, Actions > Upload Photos

Now, you will need to create an album by adding the name.

You can Drag & Drop the photos or Select the folder of photos to mass upload.

Add several different albums to one event to better segment your photos, making it easier for participants to find themselves.

Note - make sure images are jpeg and 2-4mb. The photos that are uploaded are what is being purchased by the customer.
You can also view your photos through the event quick link. This link is the easiest way to share your photos in an email or on any social channel. You can find this link in the share tab on within the event management page.

For any questions regarding after event promotion, please contact support.

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