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How to invite your own photographers to an event
How to invite your own photographers to an event
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For greater control you can invite your own photographers to upload to your event.

1. Click on the Events dashboard in your header navigation.

2. Click on the Manage Event icon next to the event you want to invite photographers.

3. Open accordion + Invite and Manage Photographers.

4. Enter photographers email and click Send Invite button.

5. An email invite to the event will be sent for the photographer to accept. This includes information about the event. You can click the View Job Listing icon to view this information.

6. The invite will also show up in the Notification Bell in the photographers header navigation for them to accept or decline the invite. (Note: new photographers need to create a GeoSnapShot account)

7. Once they have accepted the invite their Status in the + Invite and Manage Photographers accordion will change from Invited to Booked.

8. You canCancel photographers if needed.

9. Once photos are uploaded, photographers can Mark Upload Complete the booked photographer Status will change from Booked to Completed.

After the event you can promote your photos, you can find the event link on the + Sharing accordion.

Learn how to promote and share your event photos

Invited Photographer Permissions

Manage Event Page Access: The default account setting enables invited photographers access to this page. You can restrict access via My Profile or School Profile, Settings, Manage Access, turn on Remove access to Manage Event page.

Event Editing: Cannot edit or update event details.

Event Password: Cannot update event password, can see password in the event gallery page to view photos.

Event Privacy: Cannot update or change privacy of an event.

Album Access: Can only see albums they created; cannot access other event albums in the organization. To enable full event album access contact

Curate and Tag feature access: Cannot curate or add tags to photos

Event Deletion: Cannot delete events

If you would like your photographers to have greater account access you can invite them to your Team. You can view the Team Permissions article for more information on account access.

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