Select "Find Photos" on the home page

Search for the event either through the event date or by keyword (event name or photographer name) or even by uploading a selfie and letting our system search for your photos across all events you have attended!! 

Search by Date

Select the event from the drop down event list.

Select the tick box for the album you would like to view photos from, upload a selfie or enter your bib number (if you were wearing one) to help with the search for your photos.
The photos are also timestamped and you can search that way too...or use them all together!!

Then select the photos you would like to view in the light box by clicking on it. GeoSnapShot has magic zoom technology that allows you to hover the mouse over the image and zoom right in to see the finer details.

Add the photos you would like to purchase to the cart by selecting "Add to cart"
You will have the option to remove from cart if you made an incorrect choice, go to checkout to finalise your purchase or continue browsing by clicking the X button in the top right hand corner of the photo viewing box.

Once added to the cart the photo will highlight with a tick and you can continue browsing whilst being able to view what photos have been added. 

Once in the checkout area, click on the green button "Checkout Now"

Here you can log in, sign up or continue to purchase as a guest.
You will need to enter a valid email address here as this is where you will be able to retrieve your photos from post purchase.

You can either purchase through a PayPal account or by entering your credit card and other details

Then click "Purchase Later" or "Buy Now" , double check you have entered the correct email address.

Note: by selecting "Buy Now" you are agreeing to the terms and conditions

Log into your PayPal account or enter your Credit Card details.

You will be redirected back to GeoSnapShot checkout where you need to select the "Buy Now" button to complete the transaction

Once the transaction is successfully completed this screen will appear allowing you to download your photo immediately.
To download photos click the green download button below each image.

You will also receive an email to enable access to your purchased photos. If you do not see this email also be sure to check your junk mail.

Note: the email subject title will be "GeoSnapShot - Your photos are ready for download"

If you have not set a password or cannot remember it simply add in the email address you used to purchase and then select the "forgot password" option.

Type in your email address you used to purchase the photo with and select the " reset password" button.

We will then send you an email allowing you to change your password to something you know. 

Then you can log in to your secure photo gallery and download your photo anytime. Enjoy you photos!!

For and other enquiries regarding photo purchases please contact us through our intercom app or email

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