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I've been invited to an event, how do I upload photos?
I've been invited to an event, how do I upload photos?

How to upload photos on GeoSnapShot

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1. As an invited photographer you will receive an email inviting you to book onto the event. You can accept or decline the invite and view the event details.
2. You will need to register as a new photographer or log into GeoSnapShot.

3. If you did not receive an email the invite will also show up in the Notification Bell icon in the header navigation for you to Accept or Decline.
4. After the event to upload go to Events in the header navigation bar
5. Next to the event click the Upload Photos icon
6. Name your album or add to an existing album (album names should support ease of search use location, date or game names eg Finish line)
7. Create new albums as needed by clicking on the Plus button

8. Drag and Drop Photos or click on the Add Files button

9. Ensure good internet connection and limit to 1500 photos at a time depending on photo size and internet speeds (for large uploads you can request an FTP connection before the event)
10. If you are experiencing issues uploading please refer to our Troubleshooting Guide for Uploading Photos

11. To view photos click on the View Photos icon there could be a short processing delay if photos are not visible immediately.
12. Once photos are uploaded in the Events dashboard you can Mark Upload Complete next to the event to notify the organiser of your completed upload so they can share the event photos and start after event promotion activities.
13. You can find the Share link and QR code through the share icon. Click the links for more information on Embedding your Event Gallery or Sharing and Promoting your Event

​Note: If before the event you need to cancel your attendance go to the Mange Event page + Invite and Manage Photographers accordion. Click on theCancel icon next to your booking and provide a reason for your cancellation. Please reach out to the organiser directly and give as much notice as possible to enable the organiser or our team to find a replacement.

Additional tips for uploading

  • We suggest photos uploaded are around 2-4mb jpeg files for faster upload times. The photos uploaded is what the purchaser will receive.

  • Most sales occur 24 to 48 hours after an event therefore its very important to cull and upload your photos fast. See article on best practices for Uploading and Culling Photos

  • It's important to be prepared for your event. See the Before Event Preparation Checklist for more information

  • Remember to Mark Upload Complete and let the organiser know photos have been uploaded.

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